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 International Education College Organized a Room Decoration Competition 16-03-26
 IEC Organized a Lecture on AIDS 15-12-05
 International Students participated in the “Talents Show” 15-10-28
 International Education College Organized a Badminton Match 15-10-28
 Our University Held a Chinese Speech Competition on the Topic of “the Most ... 15-10-27
 International Education College Organized the Cricket Training 15-10-18
 International Education College Held a Mid-Autumn Day Festival Gathering 15-09-25
 International Education Center Held a Celebration Party 15-09-23
 International Education College Held a Logo Competition 15-09-18
 International Education College Held a Meeting for the Board of Student Uni... 15-09-12
 International Education College Held a General Meeting 15-03-17
 International Students participated in the Long-distance Running Competitio... 14-12-25
 International Education College Held the Award Ceremony of 2014 14-12-18
 International Education College Held the Pre-internship Meeting for Group 2... 14-12-16
 International Education College Held the Insurance Policies Education Lectu... 14-12-16


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