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Notice for Correction of Problems Found in Safety Check
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IEC carried out a safety check today, and found some problems. Please make corrections as suggested below: 
  1. There are still some rooms that are using broken power strip, or use it improperly.
Correct way: please buy best quality power strips, replace old or broken power strips, put power strips in safe places to prevent electrical shock, and switch them off if you don’t use them. 
  2. There are rooms that are using mosquito coils.
Suggestion: put the holder of mosquito coil in an iron pan or porcelain dish, don’t put it directly on a desk.
  3. Some students are asking whether table fans are allowed.
Answer: according to the safety rules, it is not allowed, but after a discussion, we decided to make a change, you can use table fans on one condition that the table fans should be bought in a formal market but not on the street like Meiyidao, and the quality should be guaranteed.
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