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Notice for Correction of Safety Problems
Release time:2019/12/31  Browse times:

On 31st December, 2019, we carried out a security and hygienic check regarding dorm living conditions, electricity, water, and fire control etc.,and found the following problems:

1. Laying power strips on bed or carpet; attaching power strips to bed frame; connect one power strip to another one; keeping power strips on when no one’s in room. (room:302,307,327,331,319,327,410,414,417,418,517,519,525)

2. Sign of smoking in room(room: 236,415,420,425,)

3. keep prohibited appliance in room/school. (236,307,437,517)

4. Dirty. (406,411,414,416,417,424,425,504,506,507,512,517,524,)

For other room, even if your room is not listed here, please do corrections as well if there are similar problems in your room.


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