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Holiday Safety Tips
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National Day Vacation is approaching. For safety purpose, we share with you some holiday safety tips: 

When leaving school:

1. Lock all doors, windows.

2. Take all valuable belongings with you, and don’t place them in room.

3. Unplug electrical appliances.                                                                                    

4. Switch off the power supply of your room.

5.  Follow traffic rules when going outside.

6.  Take licensed taxies and bus, but not private cars.

7. Don’t go swimming alone. Don’t go swimming in unfamiliar/swiming-prohibited water area or water area without safety equipment or without equipment of rescuers.

8. Don’t get involve into illegal work.

If you stay at school:

1. No smoking in room.

2. Cooking in room is strictly prohibited.

3.  Don’t store combustible materials in room.

4.  Don’t use prohibited electrical appliances,and charge e-bicycle with power extension from your room or the heating room etc. 

5.  Don’t sit on window sill or lean against the window. 

6. Mark attendance with attendance machine as usual. 

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