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Regulations for Internet of North China University of Science and Technology
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1. Students who use the internet must obey the policy and regulations of the government.
2. Students should obey all the rules and regulations of network security administration of NCST.
3. No one is allowed to make copies (committing piracy), read or spread any information that:
1) Instigates to resist or destroy the enforcement of the charter and law and administrative regulations of the People’s Republic of China;
2) Instigates racial animosity and discrimination or demolishes the unity of different races;
3) Fabricates or disturbs facts and spread rumors to disturb the social order;
4) Propagates obscenity, eroticism, gamble, violence, murder, terrorism and crime;
5) Humiliates others in public or fabricates facts to defame others;
6) Violate others laws regulations enforced in China.
4. No one is allowed to perform any activities that endanger the security of network which include
1) Those deliberately create and transmit computer virus
2) Any activity that harms the security of information network
5. Anyone who violates the rules and regulations will be warned, stopped using the internet or even fined 100 RMB or more, or give a notice to his/her parents. He or she will be sent back to one’s country if necessary.
6.  Any violation of rules and regulations will be reported to the Office of International Student Administration, and the Office will work with the other related offices of the university to handle the issue.
7.  The Information Centre will set up a network file for each student which will record any violation against the rules and regulations
8.  Each student should be responsible for the internet port provided for him/her and the number of each port is registered with his/her name. Each student will be responsible for the consequences of any violation.
9.  Send an application paper to the Office of International Student Administration if you want to change the room or the bed number. There you will have your information recorded again, wait until you’ve been given the permission to change, otherwise you are responsible for the all consequences.
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