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the Rules for Using Common Room
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To guarantee a convenient daily life and the proper operation of the electric appliances, the following rules are made.
1. Opening hours: 6:30--22:00      
2. Exercise good manners in the room to avoid annoying others. Misbehaviors including noise nuisance, vandalism, fouling of public area, using abusive or discriminatory language or behavior, intimidation or harassment are prohibited.
3. We advocate economical living in using of electricity and water etc.
4.The using of refrigerators : (1) Clear up the food in the refrigerator regularly,because the food will go bad and produce an unpleasant smell if it is kept for a long time. (2) If you want to put liquid food (or matters with liquid) in the refrigerator, you must wrap it well in case of leakage.
5. The using of washing machine: If you want to use the washing machine, you must put coins in it, but you had better not put too many clothes at one time, because too many clothes will affect the cleaning effect and the proper operation of the washing machine.
6. The using of microwave oven: (1) All the things to be heated in the microwave oven must be processed in advance, for example: Beans should be soaked in water for 4 hours before being cooked; things like potatoes, chickens, beef etc. are supposed to be cut into small pieces to gain a better heating effect and save energy. (2) The microwave oven should be cleaned immediately when contamination is detected. (3) The watchman on duty has the right to stop the behavior which is not right, and the person who breaks the rules in using of microwave is to be held responsible for the consequences.
7. The using of induction cooker: (1) In the process of using the induction cooker, don’t let it operate without putting the pot on. (2) When clean the induction cooker, make sure do not use the hard iron brush, steel wire ball and so on to clean it to prevent it from damaging the electricity leakage protection layer (3) If you do not use the induction cooker, make sure to do not place heavy objects on it. (4) After using the induction cooker, the surface still is hot, so do not touch the surface to avoid burning.
8. The using of iron: We provide an iron in the common room to prevent you from electrical and fire hazards, so ironing in your own room is prohibited.
9. Only if you know how to use the facilities provided can you use them, otherwise you will be held responsible for any consequences.
10. The facilities provided in the common room can only be used inside the room. Remove of the facilities into personal rooms is not allowed.
11. Users who cause damages to any facility shall be fully responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.
12. Please keep the common room clean. Users should clean up and restore the initial setting of the room after use. Please do remember not to leave any trash in the common room.
13. Keep your personal belongs in a safe place and do not leave any personal belonging behind. Users shall be fully responsible for their own safety and property in the common room.
14. Users of the common room are considered to accept the terms of use willingly and be responsible for his or her actions.
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