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Fire Emergency Response&Evacuation Plan for International Student Dormitory
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According to the relevant stipulations of Provisions on the Administration of Fire Control Safety of State Organs, Organizations, Enterprises and Institutions and the concrete situation of dormitories in our university, the Fire Emergency Response & Evacuation Plan is made to guarantee the safety of our dormitories and improve our ability in fire prevention, fire control, and emergency evacuation.

Responsibility System of Personnel in Fire Accident

1.   Student’s Responsibility
When fire accident happens, students in affected room(s) or spotting the fire should immediately inform watch office and switch off the power supply of affected room(s). If it is small fire, you can use fire extinguisher or fire fighting squirt to fight against it, and at the same time shout aloud to inform your classmates to evacuate from emergency exit under the instruction of members of class committee and dormitory head.
2.   Dormitory Watchman’s Responsibility
Dormitory watchman should switch off the power supply of affected rooms immediately, report the detailed fire spot to staff of international education college and security department, open all the emergency doors, guarantee the clearance of exit passageway, and to organize students to fight against the fire with fire extinguishers and fire fighting squirts.
3.   Responsibility of Staff of International Education College
After being informed the fire accident, the personnel with the office of international education college should report it to management level in charge of this matter immediately, organize safety team members to rush to the affected area and fight against the fire, at the same time, to organize students to evacuate with order from exit passageway, during which good evacuation order must be maintained and trampling should be avoided.  
Emergency Response & Evacuation Plan
1. if it is big fire, the on-duty staff of international education college and security department should call 119 immediately, and report the fire accident to on-duty management level of international education college and security department, at the same time, continue to organize safety team to fight the fire with fire fighting facilities to control the spreading of the fire.
2. on-duty management levels should immediately inform relevant people and responsible people of relevant departments to rush to the spot, at the same time, instruct relevant people to clear obstacles which may impede the proceeding of fire pumpers, and arrange persons to guide fire pumpers at gates and crossroads.
3. dormitory watchman should inform students the fire accident immediately, and organize them to evacuate in order from emergency exits to meeting place(as indicated in the figure below). 
4. after the arrival of fire pumpers, campus fire fighters should guide fire fighters from fire brigade to the exact fire spot, give a detailed description of the current condition of the fire accident, relevant information of the affected dormitories, such as internal & external condition, structure, and student number, and aid fire brigade to carry out investigation over the fire spot.
Telephone of Watchman’s Room:
3726506 (BUILDING NO.38), 3726505 (BUILDING NO 106)
Telephone of IEC: 3726587, 18712869339
Telephone of Security Department: 3725983
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