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Instruction on the Usage of Electrical Appliance
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General Requirements
1. It is prohibited to use such electrical appliance as electrical bar, electric cooker, induction cooker, electric cup, electric blanket, electric iron(you can use it in the common room on the first floor), hair straightener etc. in your room; open flame such as candle, spirit burner etc, is not allowed to be used either.
2. Unauthorized wiring or placing socket on bed in your room is forbidden. Please switch off the electrical appliance (mobile charger is also included!) that you don’t use any more before you leave your room or going to sleep.
3. Don’t put anything combustible on your lamp shade.
4. No smoking in your room.
5. Arbitrary use or damage to fire control facilities is forbidden. 
6. Don’t repair electrical appliance problems by your self. Please inform IEC or the door keeper in the common room to contact relevant workers.
7. It is not allowed to put two many plugs in the same socket.
8. Please inform the door keeper in the common room or IEC in the case of any potential safety hazard.
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