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Regulation on Management of International Student Dormitory
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The followings requirements are to ensure the dormitory’s safety and the good environment of study and living:
1. Accommodation
1) The International Education College allocates dormitories for the international students. The students should not move to other rooms, swap the room with another student or lend the room to others without permission from the college. Generally, the overseas student can apply for a room change only once during the study period at the university.
2) The international student should check the utilities in the room according to the checklist and make sure that all of them are in good order condition. Afterwards, the student should sign in the checklist.
3) Religious activities or any activity violates the Chinese laws and the school policies are forbidden in the dormitory.
4) The international students are obliged to follow the school timetable. The overseas student must be back in the dormitory by 11:00 pm. The student can make prior application for leaving the dormitory in advance under unusual circumstances. Otherwise, the doorkeeper has right to refuse the request from students.
5) Illegal activities, including bullying or harassment, gambling, drug taking, whoring, are forbidden in the dormitory. Students are not allowed to post obscene pictures, spread or play obscene audios or videos in the dormitory. No drinking is allowed in the building.
6) Abide by fire-prevention rules and take strict precautions against fire. Movement of the distribution box, fire-fighting equipment or gears is not allowed.
7) No spit in the dormitory and no waste is allowed to throw out of the window.
8) Keep the private belongs, documents and credentials from theft. Lock all doors and windows when you leave the room.
9) Keep the dormitory and room in a clean state. Keep noise at a level that does not interfere with the study, sleep and comfort of other students. This includes TVs, stereos, CD players, musical instruments, singing, shouting, etc.
10) If the ball or assembly will be held for celebrating the important festivals, the student should get prior permission from the school and hold the activities in the allocated place. Deposit should be paid by the organizer to secure the safety, clean, proper use of the facilities and maintain order. The activities should be completed by 22:00.
11) Pets are forbidden in the dormitory. Private belongings like bicycles should not be placed in the passageway. No scribble or graffiti.
12) Cherish the public properties and facilities. Save the electricity and water. The unpermitted change of the furniture or removal of the facilities is not allowed. The responsible student will be charged for the property damage and loss.
13) No visitor is allowed to stay in the dormitory overnight without permission from the college.
14) The opposite sex is not allowed to enter the dormitory. Permission has to be gained from the International Education College after present the pass approved for special cases. Otherwise, it may lead to disciplinary warning or more serious punishment.
15) The male or female student who cohabitates or has sexual activities with others will receive serious warning or expulsion.
16) When graduate, suspend school, or withdraw from school, the student is requested to clean and tidy the room. Return the keys and leave the room after the inspection of the responsible staff.
2. Environmental Sanitary
1) Clean and tidy the dormitory every day. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the surfaces clear and clean of the door, window glass, any article, and heater. Please use the cleaning tools with cautious.
2) Six “No” in the dormitory for the purpose of maintaining the clean and tidy of the living and studying areas, forming a good habit and moral character.
1)No spit or litter.
(2)No dumping into the toilet, sink or corridor.
(3)No articles burning in the dormitory
(4)No objects dump into the toilet or sewer.
(5)No clothes or other wearing hanging in the corridor. No cleaning tools stored in the corridor or other public spaces.
(6)No personal belongings were scattered around in or outside of the dormitory.
3. Facilities
1)Deliberate damages of the public facilities are forbidden. The public properties should be well maintained. The change of the original layout of the room is prohibited. The broken utensils, including fluorescent tube, should not be abandoned. The responsible person should be charged for the damages or loses according to the price list.
2)The furniture is forbidden to move out from the room with any excuse. The private furniture can not be moved into the dormitory unless permitted.
3)The normal damages of the furniture or electrical equipment should be reported for repair. Student will be at his own risk for unpermitted self-repairing.
4. Regulations on Receiving Visitors
The visitors should present ID card and follow the procedure before visiting; visitors must comply with the followings regulations:
1)The warden helps the visitor contact and get permission from the student to be visited. The visitor can meet the international student at the warden’s room after filling out the guest book.
2)For unwelcomed visitor, the warden has the right to inspect and advise them to leave. If the visitor does not cooperate, immediate reports to the Security Department should be made. Calls to the police can be made for disoperative visitors.
3)Visiting is not allowed during class hours.
4)Visiting Hours:
Weekdays: 9:00--22:00 (excluding the class hours)
Weekends and holidays: 8:00--22:30
5)Visiting beyond the time range is not allowed except for special reasons.
5. Security
1)For the safety of the students, electrical facilities, except those provided by the university, are not allowed to use in the dormitory. The unpermitted electrical facilities will be confiscated and it may lead to corresponding punishment. If any accident, the responsible person will be charged for the damages and losses and bear the relevant legal liabilities. If no perpetrator can be identified, all the room members will be bear the responsibility.
2) No storage of the inflammables, explosives, toxic or radioactive article is allowed in the dormitory.
3) No private electrical wiring is allowed. The use of low quality extension cords and restrictive use of electricity are prohibited.
4) Do not put the charger on the inflammable material during functioning and do not keep the charger unattended.
5) Burning and fireworks in and outside of the buildings are prohibited.
6) No movement of the fire-fighting facilities. Do not open the electricity box or turn the switches.
7) Jumping off the window to catch things or getting onto roof balcony is prohibited.
8) Lock the door and window when leave the room or go to bed.
9) Do not put cash or valuable articles in the dormitory. Otherwise, the student will be at his own risks for possible losses.
10) Keep the key well. Immediately report the loss of the key to the International Education College. The responsible student will be charged for the key replacement.
11) Students should return to the dormitory by the due time. contact the counselor in advance for possible delays under special circumstances.
6. Electricity and Water
1) Turn off the lights before leaving the room. The university offers 56 kwh free electricity monthly per room. The students have to pay for the excess usage.
2) Turn off the water tap after use.
3) If the electrical equipments supplied by school or electro circuit break down, the student is requested to report the fault to the working staff of dormitory or the coordinator of the class for proper handling. Do not tamper, disassemble, or attempt to repair the failure without permission. Otherwise, whoever attempts to undertake any action will be at his own risk.
4) The electrical equipments should be powered off to avoid possible accidents if the room is to be unattended for a long period.
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